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Tori Howard has a very strong aesthetic. Everything she does is discerning and exquisite – her home, herself and most importantly outcomes for her clients. The styling experience was executed with intelligence, sensitivity and, of course, fabulous vision and style. Delighted with the result and will be coming back to her, seasonally, to be sure I present best in all environments.
Throughout my interactions and time with Tori she was always respectful, honest and very creative. To me this was very important, as the whole process is very personal.

Tori took time to understand my taste and my requirements. She transformed my existing dull wardrobe into a more stylish and fashionable wardrobe by creatively showing me how to dress. She taught me ways to dress that suited my figure and what can be put together in ways I had not considered before.

While shopping, Tori had a great eye and selected pieces of clothing for me which suited my needs and complemented my current wardrobe in a stylish, tasteful and fashionable way.

Tori’s manner and creativity has given me the confidence to dress in a more trendy and complete way, with shoes and accessories, and I now feel really good about the way I look. I feel more excited about choosing what to wear and dressing.

Tori has lots of positive energy and this made the process lots of fun as well.
With Tori’s suggestions, my outfits felt more polished. Tori is a good listener and she grasped instantly what I was trying to achieve with my look.
I had a wonderful experience with Tori. She has a lovely manner and was extremely helpful, encouraging and honest.

The wardrobe cleanse was highly valuable and therapeutic and I really appreciated that Tori was open to keeping many of my old pieces and showing me how to wear them in a more fashionable way. Tori really listened to the concerns I had with my body and very quickly worked out what I felt comfortable wearing. She also quickly picked up on the key items in my wardrobe that were missing (for example basic black and white tshirts), that were preventing me from wearing many things. She put together some great outfits that I will definitely wear in the future.

The shopping day was phenomenal. I was so impressed with the items Tori had chosen for me. They were all lined up in the fitting rooms in advance which saved a lot of time. Tori was spot on with nearly all the items she had selected for me. She had also selected some items that I would never have chosen for myself but ended up loving after Tori encouraged me to try them on, such as patterned silk pants and a matching singlet which looked like a jumpsuit.

Tori was professional, stylish, patient and had a lovely, calm manner. I felt very comfortable spending the day with her and did not feel “pressured” to buy anything. Tori gave an honest opinion and I felt she provided an outstanding service. She saved me a lot of time and found some amazing pieces that I don’t think I would have found if I was shopping alone. She was conscious to stick to the budget and query whether I really “needed” certain items that I already had at home.

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