Tori spent 20 years working in theatre production and teaching drama. With her strong sense of creativity and flair, style and artistic skills, she transitioned into the world of design, specifically focusing on styling for fashion and interiors. To enhance her creative skills, she completed a styling course at the Industry recognised Australian Style Institute.  With her perceptive and personal insights, she understands how to help people feel good about themselves.  Tori recognises that we all have different body shapes, tastes, anxieties and at times difficulty dressing.  She will help you understand your body and how to enhance your best features. It’s about celebrating your attributes and allowing your personality to shine through, with your very own individual look that you will be comfortable to wear.  Tori understands the importance of loving your home and will help you feel positive in your own environment, surrounded by objects and furniture that you love with a look that you enjoy.


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